Educational Benefits of Visiting Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

24 Jan 2021
Educational Benefits of Visiting Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

It's not just about History!

1. Experience total immersion in a subject that can't be replicated in the classroom

There is abundant research to prove the value of this to young people – taking students outside their familiar classroom setting encourages curiosity and question asking. Research tells us many pupils feel encouraged to discover the things that particularly interest them and explore at their own pace. Imaginations are sparked through hearing stories and experiencing the lifestyle of our ancestors. Learning occurs almost by osmosis.

2. It's proven that memorable experiences can improve attainment

A study sponsored by the Education Endowment Fund found that using a memorable experience like visiting a heritage site as the inspiration for writing helped children to achieve an additional nine months progress over the course of a year.


3. Use Bunratty Castle and Folk Park for your local history study or teaching the historic environment

Not only can we offer immersive workshops that are tailored specifically to your curriculum and delivered by specialists, we also offer a host of free resources to support your teaching in the classroom. Working in consultation with teachers, our education team have done the thinking for you and can make the delivery of your curriculum objectives high quality and impactful, while giving you time to work on other things!


4. Develop pupils 'confidence to engage in all things 'cultural'

We promise to provide students visiting Bunratty Castle and Folk Park with a welcoming, inclusive, immersive and memorable experience that for many will plant a seed of confidence and an interest in continuing to engage in cultural opportunities for the benefit of their lifelong learning, wellbeing and enjoyment.


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