History Lesson Plan - Belvoir National School

24 Jan 2021
History Lesson Plan - Belvoir National School

Belvoir school built in 1828. The old school house has seen generations of children. Below are some ways of using this building as a learning resource.



Story -Read the story of a former pupil to your class.  Paddy was a student at Belvoir School in 1915. Discover what life was like for pupils at the beginning of the 20th Century. 

Change and Continuity - How is Belvoir school different from your own school? What subjects did pupils study? What did they wear to school? How did they heat their classroom?

Life, Society, work and culture in the past - Life in the 19th Century. Visit Belvoir School in Bunratty Castle and Folk Park to see what school and houses were like in the 19th Century.  



Draw the games that children played at Belvoir. eg. Hopscotch
Draw from obervaton - Draw you or your class mates in Belvoir school. How many of you can fit in the desks?


Imagine you were a pupil in Belvoir school in 1915. What was your day like?
Paddy's Story of Belvoir National School in 1915
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