Fairy Trail

A magical trail in an enchanting setting

Full of imagination, magic and fun, our Fairy Trail is perfect for kids of all ages!

Family friendly in every sense of the word, the Fairy Trail is an enchanting experience in the through the upper end of Bunratty Folk Park.What better way to spend time with all the family, whether you're 2 or 102! Experience the magic of our trail through the enchanting woods, walled garden and woodland trails of Bunratty Folk Park using our interactive booklet to solve clues and answer questions along the way.


Fairy Welcome Centre

Explore the fantastic new Fairy Trail at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park.

Visit the Fairy Village and discover all its secrets in the surroundings of the magical forest trail.

The Fairy Trail and Fairy village are located in a pretty woodland section of this historic landmark.  Ireland is famed for these magical creatures of myth and legend. The mystical creatures inhabiting the little fairy houses at Bunratty Folk Park have been here for quite some time living quiet yet productive lives.

For your convenience, download our Fairy Trail booklet in advance of your visit and follow the clues and trail to make your visit a memorable one.

Download a copy of our Map of the Park for your convienence.

Fairy Trail Highlights

An Enchanting Journey

The Fairy Trail are Bunratty Folk Park brings visitors on a whirlwind adventure through some of the park's most picturesque locations.

Visit the Fairy Travel Centre and see where fairies like to go on their holidays, visit the fairy university or Fairy library and read from the magical book of spells.

Try on a set of fairy wings for size or take a walk through the enchanted woods and encover the Fairy Shopping Village, their magical dummy tree and fairy water wheel.

With so much to discover, the fairy trail at Bunratty Folk Park is a magical experience for all ages!

Some fascinating facts about fairies!

1. Fairies bring good luck wherever they go!

2.  Some fairies have a talent for hearing wishes. We are told it is like hearing whispers in the wind to them. They know exactly who a wish has come from once they hear it. These fairies use the energy that are found in worries to send to the fairies who grant wishes. This means a worry becomes a wish with a little fairy magic!

3. In order to collect teeth, your "Tooth" fairy must sit three exams in Fairy School. It may seem like a very simple task to me and you, but it is quite specialised and difficult to do especially when a tooth is left under a sleeping human’s pillow.

4. All House Fairies graduate from Fairy School at the age of 12.

5. Fairies are tiny magical beings who actually look quite like humans but have special wings and powers.

Fairy Facts!

Fairy Facts!

Fun facts about fairies

6. Fairies have a very mild strawberry scent. So if you walk into a room or garden and you can smell strawberries but there are no strawberries to be seen, a fairy has more than likely been there.

7. Fairies are multilingual and can speak every single language in the world.

8. Toadstools are an international symbol of fairy magic. Not to be confused with mushrooms, toadstools will only appear where fairies have set up homes, whether or not a fairy is still living there is another thing entirely…!

9. Fairies are amazing! Every part of their bodies is packed with magic, love and wonder.

10. If you would like a fairy to come and live in your home, there are just two simple rules you need to obey: you must love your fairy, but most importantly you must believe in your fairy. Once these two rules are abided by, your fairy will stay with you forever!