Celebrate Samhain at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

Halloween in Ireland has been celebrated for centuries and first originated from the festival of Samhain which dates back over 2,000  years. Samhain in Ireland was an important festival, it marked the end of the bright half of the year and the start of the dark half. 

This Halloween midterm Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is returning to its Irish pagan roots and will mark the festival of Samhain in our own unique way. Focusing on the old Irish traditions associated with this time of year, visitors are invited to come and experience a traditional Irish Samhain (or Halloween) from Saturday October 23rd to 31st.


Meet a host of creepy characters

The custom of dressing up in costume comes from an old Celtic tradition when people used to dress in costumes that resembled evil spirits in order to placate them. This Samhain join our village characters as they cast aside their old-fashioned Irish tweeds and aprons and dress up in traditional Halloween attire as they lurk around dark corners of the folk park!

Keep an eye out around dark corners !!!!
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Creepy Characters

Who Dares Enter the Haunted Castle??

Castles and historical monuments have long been associated with spooky goings-on and this Halloween midterm Bunratty Castle is no different. Should you dare cross the threshold of this ancient structure beware of ghostly voices and spooky sounds at every turn.

Let our creepy castle guides tell you all about the deadly dungeon or monstrous murder hole.
Creep slowly around corners as you never know who or what might cross your path!

Haunted Castle

Uncover spooky secrets

For younger visitors we have a fun and interactive Samhain/Halloween Clue Trail to follow that will bring you and your family to the spookiest corners and face to face with the creepiest creatures across the folk park. Along the way you will learn of ancient Samhain traditions, traditional Samhain games and all about how children celebrated this pagan festival in days gone by.
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Samhain Clue Trail

Spooky Scarecrows

Select your Favourite Samhain Scarecrow

Over the past few weeks, primary schools from the local area have also been busy getting into the Samhain Spirit created lifestyle scarecrows which will be on display throughout the park over midterm. Visitors are invited to take a stroll across our spooky 26 acres and rate their favourite scarecrow based on design, originality & of course “scary-ness”. The school with the winning scarecrow will receive a special prize! 
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Samhain Traditions

Learn more of traditional Samhain traditions

Traditionally Halloween was a day that feasts were held and this tradition has not died out. Visit our Bean an Tí’s who will explain to you they types of food that typically would have been eaten in Samhain of old including homemade Apple Pies, Brambrack, a slice of which has to be left outside before you go to bed so that any passing Faeries or Spirits may feast as well and bestow good luck upon your household!

Throughout the week the park will be decorated in a traditional Halloween manner using materials sourced across the park’s 26 acres. Jack-O-Lantern’s which nowadays are usually carved out of a Pumpkin, in the olden days would have been carved into a vegetable such as a turnip or swede as these would have been more widely available in Ireland of old, will be on display on window sills throughout the park with our resident gardeners on hand happy to chat to visitors on how to perfect an impeccable Jack O’Lantern!

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Visit our frightening fairy village

Some of the fairies of Bunratty Folk Park have got into the Halloween spirit and have transformed their magical fairy village into a frighting forest for all to enjoy. Beware of creepy creatures lurking and hanging behind trees, gruesome grave stones and petrifying pumpkins at every turn, it is sure to keep the littlest of monsters entertained.


Frightening Fairy Village


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