Junior Cycle History

16 Jan 2021
Junior Cycle History

As featured recently in the Irish Independent, Shannon Heritage has partnered with Junior Cycle for Teachers to deliver educational tours for Secondary School students.

What Junior Cycle for Teachers are saying:
Having looked at Strand 1.1 (on developing a sense of historical empathy by viewing people, issues and events encountered in their study of the past in their historical context) and Learning Outcome 1.3 (on appreciating cultural inheritance through recognising historically significant places and buildings): this context and sense of place is provided by visiting the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and encountering historically accurate representations of Irish life over generations, particularly in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
Learning Outcome 2.7 asks students to investigate the causes, course and consequences, nationally and internationally of the Great Famine, and examine the significance of the Irish Diaspora, and visiting pre-famine dwellings in the Folk Park could further dupport learnign around this period in a visceral way. The changing experience of women in the 20th Century Ireland (Learning Outcome 2.9) is yet another area where students could see for themselves the work done by women a century ago in Bunratty.

See practical sample projects from 1st year History students below.
In this project students examined the defensive features on Bunratty Castle.
Please note this is a sample project and true to the students work at the time. Any information that may not be correct should be viewed with this in mind. 


The links between an exploration of Shannon Heritage sites and the Junior Cycle History Specification are concentrated on Strands 1 and 2. Teaching and learning is planned around engagement with a series of Learning Outcomes which highlights both the skills a historian develops and the History of both Ireland and the wider world.
In this supplement you can discover potential links with any Shannon Heritage site and the New History Specification.

Click on the photos below to download the supplement


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