When you visit Bunratty's 19th Century Folk Park you experience a living reconstruction of the homes & environment of Ireland of over a century ago.

Set on 26 acres, the impressive park features over 30 buildings in a ‘living’ village and rural setting. Rural farmhouses, village shops and streets are recreated and furnished as they would have appeared at that time according to their social standing, from the poorest one roomed dwelling to Bunratty House a fine example of a Georgian residence for the gentry built 1804 home of the Studdarts, the last family to occupy Bunratty Castle.

The Village Street

Prepare to experience village life in 19th century Ireland!

The village houses and shops in the Folk Park have been chosen from many different areas, to form a collection of typical 19th century urban Irish buildings including the School, Doctor’s house, Pawnbrokers, Pub, Drapery, Printworks, Grocery, Hardware shop, Pottery and a Post Office.

In the early 19th century the country people provided for most of their own needs in food, clothing and supplies and bought only luxuries such as sugar, salt and tea. Fairs and markets at the Village gave the farmers and the rural craftsmen an opportunity of selling their products for cash, while shops provided for the rural dwellers needs. However, during this time, exciting new products were becoming available in the local shops, which started to rival, and eventually replace, home production.

The village is set at a time of fundamental change in Irish society, and as such illustrates the growing money-orientated lifestyle of many of the villagers alongside the traditional, self-sufficient rural culture.

View The Village Street

A living reconstruction of the homes and environment of Ireland of over a century ago.

Don’t miss the beautiful walled garden at Bunratty House. It is a surviving part of the demesne which was originally formed around Bunratty Castle. The garden was built for the house c 1804. As walled gardens go it is small, just less than half an acre, this was due to the fact that a large garden would have existed within the demesne, located north of the castle.

View House & Walled Garden

House & Walled Garden

Viking Playground & Farm Animals

A World of Adventure Awaits

The playground located toward the end of the Village Street, features a timber structure housing 4 towers constructed from robinia wood with rope walks and belt bridges creates a fortified castellated fun filled tower that gives vantage views to the surrounding country landscape. Further features include a play ship theme, a 25m zipline, and a variety of swings. Kids are loving it and so are their happy parents!

View Viking Playground & Farm Animals

Experience the magic of Irish traditional music, song and dance.

Dine in the company of the finest local singers, dancers and musicians.

You are invited to enjoy the company of the finest Irish singers, dancers and musicians to experience the homeliness, friendship and warmth of a true traditional Irish evening, while dining on wholesome food produced locally.

View Traditional Night

Traditional Night

Gift Store & Cafe

For a one-stop shopping & dining experience, visit the Shannon Irish Design Gift Store & Mr. O'Regan's Cafe while you visit!

Mr. O'Regan's Cafe offers the finest Menu items from  healthy breakfast items, interesting lunch dishes, great coffees to indulgent  desserts while our gift store stocks a wide range of gorgeous glassware from every corners of the country. And then there’s the eclectic and exciting array of perfumes, pewter, jewellery and button art also on offer. Not forgetting of course, the iconic Aran knitwears for all age ranges.
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