National Heritage Week 2021

03 Aug 2021
National Heritage Week 2021

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is delighted to announce a series of fascinating events in celebration of National Heritage Week 2021.

Traditional Music and Period Costume
16th-20th August - Throughout the day

To celebrate National Heritage Week, many of staff of Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, including gardeners, porters, maintainance crew and more will dress in period attire of the early 1900's.
Join our resident musicians for live music on the Village Street in Bunratty Folk Park as they celebrate all that is wonderful about Irish Traditional Music. Bring along your instrument and join in and they perform a collection of traditional and much loved Irish Ballads and airs

Historical Talk on the Architecture & Artifacts of Bunratty Castle.
16th-20th August, 11.30am & 2.30pm

Join our castle guides as they give a historical talk on the Architecture & Artifacts of the iconic 15th century Bunratty Castle. Learn about the many families who occupied the walls of this iconic fortress, the construction methods and styles used for the many centuries of occupation of this castle and the many fascinating artifacts and furnishings contained within.

An Introduction to Regency Plant Collection at the Walled Garden in Bunratty Folk Park
18th-20th August at 11.30am

Join our gardening team in the Regency Walled Garden of Bunratty Folk Park as they discuss the processes and care involved in the planting and maintenance of the many heritage and regency plants currently growing in this idyllic setting.Get gardening advise on how to care for such plants and hear the evolution of such plant life in Ireland.

Meet the Wolfhounds
16th-20th August, 11.15am and 3.15pm

Come and meet our beautiful Irish Wolfhounds Saoirse and Meabh as they enjoy their daily stroll around Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. Meet the farmers who talk care of these regal creatures and learn how they are cared for on a daily basis.Irish wolfhounds are known for being gentle, friendly and very intelligent, and they inhabited Ireland long before the arrival of Christianity and the written word. Known in Irish as ‘Cu Faoil’ denoting bravery, the Irish wolfhound is the stuff of legends.

Wolfhounds were regular guests at the Bunratty Castle from the early days of the medieval banquets in the 1960’s. Today we are delighted to once again have them as residents in our park for visitors from far and wide to meet and admire!

Traditional Thatching Demostration
18th, 19th and 20th August

Join our resident thatcher as they perform and discuss the traditional craft of thatching.
Thatched roofs are a common sight throughout Bunratty Folk Park. Did you know however that thatch is the ideal roofing material as it is cool in summer and warm in winter! In exposed regions of the Atlantic seaboard, the thatch is held down by ropes to prevent it getting damaged by strong gales.
Watch and discuss with our resident thatcher the skills and materials required to perform this traditional craft.



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