Viking Playground & Farm Animals

It's a World of Adventure!

The playground located toward the end of the Village Street, features a timber structure housing 4 towers constructed from robinia wood with rope walks and belt bridges creates a fortified castellated fun filled tower that gives vantage views to the surrounding country landscape. Further features include a play ship theme, a 25m zipline, and a variety of swings. Kids are loving it and so are their happy parents!

Farm Animals

An array of farm animals live at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, donkeys, sheep, deer, goats, ducks, and cows, amongst them. Ranging from our gentle old Falabella horse called “Frank”, the world’s smallest breed of horse, to our adopted rescue donkeys Millie & Tillie, right up to our Irish Red deer stag called Cormac, a direct descendant of the largest animal to ever roam Ireland. During the course of the year you will see cute and playful lambs, calves, kids, and piglets.

The animals and farming methods are representative of rural life on the west coast of Ireland during the 19th and early 20th century. The vegetable gardens and outhouses are also indicative of the time. The farmyard beside Bunratty House is home to the Talbot collection. The machines exhibited here were developed to satisfy fairly basic requirements of agriculture and when established, became essential tools for the agricultural community in which they were produced.  All examples are of hand operated and horse-drawn machines which were made for certain processes and tasks, now carried out by powered machines.  The collection is comprehensive in that it reflects the economic environment of both big farms and small, and tells something of the conditions of these farms.

Here at Bunratty Folk Park we are delighted to play our part in trying to preserve Ireland’s traditional breeds, across a number of types of animals. While some of these breeds are now on the endangered list as they have become surpassed by modern commercial agriculture, we believe in the value of preserving them as a rich part of our heritage.

As well as the traditional indigenous breeds of sheep, goats, cows, pigs, ponies, and poultry which we keep here in the folk park, we also have a close association with rare breed societies across the country and from time to time we help to publicise their work by exhibiting their breeds.



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